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Arturs Virtmanis - Against the Tragic Wall - exhibition - May 5-27, 2018

M E N is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Arturs Virtmanis, Against the Tragic Wall.

In his artistic practice, Virtmanis creates visually and metaphorically dense drawing environments that combine relics of sentimental imagery from past eras, cryptic texts in the form of obsessive, undecipherable calligraphy, collections of found objects, architectural scale models, and the residue that is accumulated in the process of creation. For his first solo exhibition at M E N, Virtmanis turns to Nietzsche’s interpretation of the origins and functions of the Greek Tragic Chorus. He specifically focuses on the chorus´s role as a barrier, a “tragic wall”, between the true and unbearable emotions described, and the spectators who are pulled into the abyss of human suffering by the performers, while also being protected from it by the ideal poetic form of the performance. Arturs Virtmanis turns his drawings and sculptures into that “living wall”, the Tragic Chorus.

“I am attempting to create an entropic “spectacle” that consists of very unstable and short lived conglomerates of images that assume their temporary stability only in the context of walls of an exhibition space inadvertently pointing towards the fragile and fleeting nature of existence”

When: May 5-27, 2018 (Saturdays & Sundays only, 12-6pm)

Where: 13 Monroe Street, New York, NY 10002

ARTURS VIRTMANIS was born in Riga, Latvia and is currently based in New York. He studied design in Riga Applied Arts Collage and at The Academy of Fine Arts where he received BA in sculpture.  His installations have been exhibited at The Drawing Center in New York, Blue Star Contemporary Art museum in San Antonio Texas, ExitArt NY, PS 122 NY, Morris Museum, New Jersey, Jersey City Museum, Poor Farm Experiment in Wisconsin, Riga Art Space in Latvia, Baltic Arts Center in Helsinki, Planthouse Gallery NY, Cynthia Broan Gallery NY, Fishtank Gallery NY, Denis Bibro Gallery NY, Gallery X in NY, Marsha Child Contemporary NJ, Chamot Gallery NJ, Mimi Ferzt Gallery NY, Alma Gallery Riga, M6 Gallery Riga Latvia, Biennale Art Gend in Kopenhagen Denmark.