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White Tablecloth Day Celebration - May 4, 2018

May 4 has been chosen for special celebrations this Centenary year for Latvia because of its historic meaning. On May 4, 1917, the Latgale Congress passed the decision of the ethno-cultural region of Latgale to unite with Kurzeme and Vidzeme on a shared path to an independent state. This event became a turning point in the history towards the statehood of Latvia.

Coincidentally, on May 4, 1990, the Supreme Council of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic voted for the restoration of Latvia’s sovereignty by adopting the Declaration on the Restoration of Independence and thus breaking the Soviet rule. Just like in 1918, when Latvia became an independent state in a democratic way, in 1990 Latvia regained its independence democratically.

This year on May 4, Latvians everywhere will celebrate with the new tradition of the White Tablecloth Celebration. The idea is to gather families, friends, neighbors and communities around a white-clad table, cherishing togetherness and the gift of living in a free country of our own. Anyone, anywhere in the world, may join in and create their local White Tablecloth Celebration.

In New York, Latvians and their friends are invited to mark this day as well at our own NYC White Tablecloth get-together. Please join us !

Where: Estonian House, 243, East 34th Street, New York, NY 10016.

When: Friday, May 4, 2018, from 6:00 pm onwards.

No reservations required.